Saturday, February 4, 2012


Welcome to Exquisite Searching, my first personal blog.  As a student and an artist, life can feel overwhelming sometimes and everyone needs an escape.  Here in this forum I can focus on all of the beautiful, little, everyday things that make life worthwhile and hopefully I can share a little bit of my enthusiasm for my long-term habit of making.

 I make things constantly.  No Joke.  I love it.  And I secretly hope that you love it too.  I am inspired by the quirky, the offbeat, the beautiful, the simple solutions, the handmade, and the underestimated.  I find so much satisfaction in the process of creation and expression.

This is not to mention that as a college student, I sometimes find that funds and supplies are limited, so being able to craft, thrift, discover, and conjure my way through life is not only rewarding but also fun... kind of like a secret game that only I know that I'm playing.  

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